Good Morning Stockholm!

First class cancelled today. This morning, when the rain patters against the window-ledge, for once I have the time to read my favorite magazine BON, do the laundry and listening to delighful music. Has not been lots of time left for these things last couple of weeks, as of Brand X.

Meeting at 12 PM with the Gevalia workgroup, to start off this new project. We are a supreme group of people, with excellent skills. I will keep you updated!

This Monday evening is dedicated to one of my closest friends, Stina, who is in town. She is studying Social Work at Lunds University, and I am really proud of her. She will probably be one of the best social workers within this oblong country. We have tickets to CORNELIS, by Amir Chamden, the film about the great musical legend Cornelis Vreeswijk and his tough life as an artist.

David Gray – White Ladder
The Whitest Boy Alive – Rules
Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade
Ratatat – Classics


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