Berghs Update

There are things going on, to say the least. After the intense, exciting and challenging Brand X week we were everything but well-rested. A few days to catch up, and then start off the other projects, essays and stuff we have to do. Love it, though. This is the best with Berghs, it does not always feel like a school. You actually work as you will work further on, if you end up at an agency for instance. Freedom with responsibility, which is exactly how I would like to have it in the future. Reason? I perform the absolute best then.

Our Gevalia project is doing well. Very well! Felt great yesterday, when we got the insight confirmed by our competent teachers – as excellent. Our idea and campaign is more or less in our hands, even though we have do adjust lots of things. What I love the most is that the communications within the group is honest and happy; we discuss a lot, everyone has lots of opinions, ideas and questions all the time. Even myself contribute with ideas once in a while, even though I thought I was only a strategic. Another thing with Berghs– you learn new abilities all the time!

Last Thursday Berghs Bar was arranged, which is what it is called; a bar night at Berghs. This time, the Marketing class was organizers, and came up with the idea: “Kom på Berghs Bar och bli För Packad”. When the word förpackad is written together it means too drunk, but when written in two words, packaged. The sentence will either be Come to Berghs Bar and get too drunk or Come to Berghs Bar and get packaged in the same sentence. Clever, these students, I’m proud!

Later this Thursday evening we entered DDB Bar at Republik, quite close to the school. Followed by Spy Bar where we got in for free because we are student at Berghs. Sometimes us students are lucky!


Yesterday, I had lovely Lise over at my place for some catching up, before heading to meet up with other Berghs students. But it is not just about having fun and dancing at our school. Tomorrow: meeting with Gevalia group and then we have Monday again. But I’m not grieving!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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