PoMo studies

As I begin to finish up my last essay, I allow myself a little break. Are heading to town to meet two close friends, first of all Amela, who is home from London where she studies architecture. Nastassja, as I wrote about just recently, is coming too. We don’t have time to meet up all three of us that often, so this is a big moment. To catch up before Christmas, before Amela goes back and I move away from Europe.

The post-modern artist I picked to write about is Barbara Kruger, who produced the famous I shop therefore I am. But I did not choose that one.  Mine is below, and I must say Ms Kruger is surprisingly fascinating. Much of her text questions about feminism, classicism, consumerism, and individual desire. I like her!

Barbara Kruger’s graphic work usually consists of black-and-white photographs with overlaid captions set in white-on-red Futura Bold Oblique. I think you have seen it. I love the quote by her “I just say I’m an artist who works with pictures and words“.



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2 responses to “PoMo studies

  1. Kruger at least seem to be true with her self. many of us deny that we have a desire to consume. I know I often hear my self saying that I try to not buy things I don’t need. but sometimes that’s just the best thing I know! last week I bought a new ski-outfit… what do you think; ithttp://products.norrona.com/webshop/tradepoint/b2c/ItemView.aspx?ID=5410-10%201190
    even if I had clothes to ski in that work, I keep telling my self I really needed new, solid ones. and I’m totally a snob for adventure clothing. I can always argue that I really need the equipment. /N

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