Australia & NZ Fashion

Visited Fotografiska yesterday. The museum always has the most amazing exhibitions! Fashion! and Lady Warhol (Christopher Makos), together with Exploding Plastic Inevitable (Roland Nameth) are displayed right now.

My passion for museum and exhibition shops can not really be described, I can wander around in there for hours. All the various books, high, low, thin and thick, they all deliver intriguing stories and educate in all possible ways. For me at this stage, about to move abroad, I found a book about fashion in the new continent I am about to enter. FASHION Australia & New Zealand Designers documents the countries’ current designers of woman’s and men’s fashion. All these designers play a key role in today’s fashion industry. Probably will this be one of the first things to order when I finally reach the other side.

After further inspection (I think I stood there with the book in my hand more than 20 minutes), both campaign shots as well as relevant information about the designers had been found. It is a fortune for me that my new continent is this characteristic and innovative talented when it comes to creation.


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