3 interior things































1. ‘Picknick platter‘ is designed by Marianne Westman, Swedish handicraft, for Rörstrand, launched and designed in the 1950’s.

2. Designed by Mattias Ståhlbom for Muuto, ‘E27 socket pendant lamp’, 2008.

3. Designed by Rasmus Gottliebsen for Normann Copenhagen in 2010. ‘Watch me‘ is inspired by a colour swatch folded out like a fan.

The design taste I have is varied and you can usually find both design from the 1940-70’s together with creations from 21st century. Even though Marianne Westman’s serie ‘Picknick’ (for example) is way ahead contemporary design, always. The simplicity, minimalism and bright colours is key. At the same time, design that does not stand out too much, is my line. And so much Swedish.

You can get it all at: Scandinavian Design Center


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