Already a new year.
What happened?

Times flies, is the least one can say. I have been thinking about this year a long long time, and suddenly it is here! 2011 means a lot of changes for me, such as moving abroad, to another continent (!) to more or less begin a new life. My excitement can not be described in words, at the same time as I am frightened. Which is, according to my experiences, great. This is the way it should be. And everything will turn out just fine. At least my mind tells me that.

These past days, I have been building up my own brand in terms of renovating my resume, learning new programs and reading relevant books. Celebrating Christmas with closest family, New Years Eve with beautiful ladies and family and will continue to celebrate 2011 with amazing friends of mine. Soon I will take a trip down south and enjoy the southern of Sweden for the last time in a while.

Thank you 2010, for a brilliant year. Keep up the good work in 2011. PLZ.


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The Alps

Photos: The Alps

How beautiful is not this? This is HEAVEN! My friend Nastassja is spending Christmas holidays in this environment with her family and friends. They are in Italy, more exactly Champoluc.

The purpose was for me to be there as well, but too much needs to be organised before my departure. Lucky us in this digital world, having access to the social web. I can now follow them when I can not join. Magnificent!

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Ladies I Like

Anna-Mi and Karin. Totally amazing photo. It depicts these two brilliant women so well. Thank you for yesterday ladies!

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Wednesday night, Wednesday night

Every Wednesday, Omid and Fjodor organises the club at Spy Bar (STHLM), That Fucking Party. They do it pretty well, too. I like them!

One of my favourite tracks from their Spotify list, and from yesterday evening.

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(electro house, dubstep, indie, balkan, dirty dutch, fidget)

On Friday I suggest you and your friends pop in to Ljunggren (Götgatan) and enjoy my gorgeous friend Mayka.

Soon, soon, soon, she is all over the town (she is more or less already there), she starts organise her own nights and settles down at one specific club. I am fully convinced about that.

Do not miss her!

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Anna-Mi 25.th.

Yesterday we celebrated my friend Anna-Mi’s 25th at Le Rouge. I love the Moulin Rouge feeling they have, and the detailed luxurious environment. Certainly a great place to hang out, especially this freezing time of year. The wonderful staff will have a huge eulogy as well!

Here is the few photos from the night, just in the beginning. Then we forgot…

Anna-Mi and Jonathan

Karin and Georges

Anna-Mi and me

Morgane and Anna

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The Black Keys – Tighten Up

I am not able to share The Black Keys – Tighten Up, you need to click here to view it on Youtube. But please do- the song is great!

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Resort Collection 2011

“Resort is about real clothes for our friends. Everybody went so far into fantasy that we lost the public. There’s something about reality that feels fresh right now.”

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, Proenza Schouler

Are these styles above not just amazing!

A resort collection is more or less a bridge between the seasons. It contains a mix of previous autumn/winter and spring/summer collections. In this case, Hernandez and McCollough brought inspiration from India to this specific collection.

Images: ELLE

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Portrait: Anna-Mi

Anna-Mi, education from Royal Swedish Ballet School, Sweden, professional artist English National Ballet in London, UK.

– Independent, graceful and fantastically creative.

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Miike Snow’s younger version

Urban Cone – a bunch of guys from Stockholm, described as a younger version of Miike Snow (S, US) within the indie/electro/rock genre. Rasmus Flyckt, Magnus Folkö, Tim Formgren, Emil Gustafsson & Jacob William Sjöberg are brilliant.

You can see, feel and experience them tonight at Debaser Slussen’s New Year’s Party, organised by Ace, LOST STHLM and Tom Tom Disco.

Happy New Year to you all!

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