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Production knowledge

The week before semester break, I visited the post production company The Chimney Pot. My friend (and my friend Helena‘s boyfriend) Björn invited me to their office for a grand tour. Björn works there as Head of Commercials, and has knowledge about more or less everything that goes on withing the company’s walls. The Chimney Pot produces about 1000 (!) TV commercials and 15 feature films per year. The amount of impressive and cool people that work there can not be counted even on two hands. And the different and specialized rooms for sound recording, lightning and where they scan all the material they get from various production companies are quite a few. They mostly work with Autodesk Smoke, a powerful software in editorial finishing for high-quality commercial and broadcast. In other words, something completely different from After Effects (and certainly iMovie which I use for amateur-films) that we use at Berghs.

The Chimney Pot works with Madonna, and her music videos, and with H&M,  Lidl and other big companies and produce their commercials and feature films. For instance, they produced the fashion movie for BON Magazine with Noomi Rapace, which I adore. See it here!

Did you know it takes about 3 weeks to upload a uncut movie into the system? This is just one of the things I learned during my guest-hours. Other secrets, tricks and effects they use did I get educated in as well.. but they will be kept with me.


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