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Talented Designers

A new talent student from the Antwerp Academy has got the opportunity to collaborate with the concept store RA in Antwerp. RA has other designers like my favourite Stine Goya and Belgian Jan-Jan van Essche. Visit RA’s homepage, have a look around and listen to fantastic music.

Narelle Dore, who is the talented designer in this case, grew up in Perth (Western Australia) and her A/W 11 collection is based on series of camera photos from the salt lakes near Perth. Her collection is shown in the back garden of the boutique, together with some afternoon tea.


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COS to Sweden!

When I decide to move abroad, my favourite brand settles down in my hometown. Ironic? But unfortunately, I can not find COS in Perth either.

This summer, H&M launch their first COS (Collection of Style) store here in Stockholm. Biblioteksgatan is the location, in the new shopping area called Biblioteksstan. Since 2007, the chain has 35 stores in eight different countries.

Welcome COS!

Photos: cosstores.com

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Upcoming Education

I commence Curtin University of Technology in February. Curtin is Western Australia’s largest university, over 39 000 (!) students worldwide, and has campuses around the world. Their main campus Bentley is where I will study, at the Humanities department.

Photo: Curtin

Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) major Journalism and PR, the third stream in Marketing.

Within the first part of my education, we will learn key technological skills and knowledge for work in communication and corporate media fields. Core studies within Mass Communication is history, theory, ethics and critique of media, communication and information.

The Journalism part prepares us students with the skills, understanding and professionalism necessary for a career in the media industry. Curtin has a good reputation considering their Journalism education, and we are going to be taught by actual journalists. Much practical work, as the school has both a newspaper, Western Independent Newspaper, and a radio station, Curtin FM 100.1.

PR (Public Relations) is how to plan, develop, implement and evaluate communication strategies which present an organisation in the best light. Together with this, we get prepared for involvement in primary decision-making and gives us the skills to undertake a major communications role.

The Marketing stream contains how marketing works, consumer behaviour and the chance to explore various specific aspects of marketing, including international and Internet marketing.

This education feels perfect for me, I get everything I find relevant. Together with previous education and experience, this will be a perfect combination. Let’s just hope I get the job I want!

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Chapter Over

The day after graduation at Berghs came. And how does it feel? A little bit depressing, actually, because yesterday was the last time to see most of my classmates and teachers. It is impossible to imagine, that within one and a half month I will be Perth, and about to start build my ‘new’ life. Totally confusing. At the same time- I can not wait any longer. The excitement is huge, this will be tough in the beginning but easier as time goes.

From now on: a lot of preparations for Christmas. Almost every day before Christmas Eve are fully booked, with nice things like lunches, parties and dinners. I love being between two schools.

This is what I will listen to tonight:

Diamond Messages – Liquid Summer

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Within one and a half month, I am in Australia! In Perth! Can not really believe it, it will not stay in my mind. Four years ago, I planned my first trip on my own around the world, and to Australia. FOUR YEARS.

It’s absolute impossible to imagine myself in this outfit above. Right now In Stockholm, we have -9 degrees and lots of snow. What I am wearing during the days, underneath my ordinary clothes, should we be censuring. Not that big deal, I promise.

Above: Just In at Witchery, in Australia.

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