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COS to Sweden!

When I decide to move abroad, my favourite brand settles down in my hometown. Ironic? But unfortunately, I can not find COS in Perth either.

This summer, H&M launch their first COS (Collection of Style) store here in Stockholm. Biblioteksgatan is the location, in the new shopping area called Biblioteksstan. Since 2007, the chain has 35 stores in eight different countries.

Welcome COS!

Photos: cosstores.com


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One truly intriguing person is Mario Vargas Llosa, who won the Nobel price 2010 in Literature. I read an interview with him in SvD, where he describes this price as more of a problem than a fortune for him. He is old, and at the time he was here in Stockholm, he was sick as well. All journalists were after him, and he was just so tired about it. His honest but at the same time fragile attitude is fantastic. He just wants to write.

Now- it is time for ‘The feast of the goat‘. Actually had other plans this night, as drinks at Kåken, meeting a few other friends later on and go visit Johan who plays records at Nada. Buut – a cold showed up and I am capable of nothing.

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Within one and a half month, I am in Australia! In Perth! Can not really believe it, it will not stay in my mind. Four years ago, I planned my first trip on my own around the world, and to Australia. FOUR YEARS.

It’s absolute impossible to imagine myself in this outfit above. Right now In Stockholm, we have -9 degrees and lots of snow. What I am wearing during the days, underneath my ordinary clothes, should we be censuring. Not that big deal, I promise.

Above: Just In at Witchery, in Australia.

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