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Friday Night in Stockholm


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Just a combination of a clean typography, colour, lines and names.

When you get too inspired, you start to copy
– Dries Van Noten

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Hey, Michael!

Double buckle platform, Michael Kors, SS 11


Pretty nice, huh? I want them first day in school, in mid February… Yeah, in Australia it is summer then. Feels good to say bye bye to Europe for a while.

I am down in south Sweden and visit my friends Stina, Viktoria, Evelina, Dan, and Linnéa. It feels like spring in Lund, where I am at the moment. The calmness this time a year in this student town, right before all students arrives back, is great. It is so quiet around here! In contrast to Stockholm, all shops and most cafes in Lund more or less are closed on Sunday, for example.

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Already a new year.
What happened?

Times flies, is the least one can say. I have been thinking about this year a long long time, and suddenly it is here! 2011 means a lot of changes for me, such as moving abroad, to another continent (!) to more or less begin a new life. My excitement can not be described in words, at the same time as I am frightened. Which is, according to my experiences, great. This is the way it should be. And everything will turn out just fine. At least my mind tells me that.

These past days, I have been building up my own brand in terms of renovating my resume, learning new programs and reading relevant books. Celebrating Christmas with closest family, New Years Eve with beautiful ladies and family and will continue to celebrate 2011 with amazing friends of mine. Soon I will take a trip down south and enjoy the southern of Sweden for the last time in a while.

Thank you 2010, for a brilliant year. Keep up the good work in 2011. PLZ.

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Yesterday we celebrated my friend Anna-Mi’s 25th at Le Rouge. I love the Moulin Rouge feeling they have, and the detailed luxurious environment. Certainly a great place to hang out, especially this freezing time of year. The wonderful staff will have a huge eulogy as well!

Here is the few photos from the night, just in the beginning. Then we forgot…

Anna-Mi and Jonathan

Karin and Georges

Anna-Mi and me

Morgane and Anna

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Perfect Tools

Yesterday was a great day. Actually every day right now is great. A renovation of my resume is going on, I structure it up for a more professional and clean look, to adapt it to who I am today.

My best friend right now is Adobe InDesign CS5, a great tool to create works like articles, posters, books and brochures, as well as longer texts where you want to inlude images. Would it not be nice to hand the next essay with a professional designed layout, and gain some extra points from your tutor? Yeah, though so…

Do not own the software application? Go here to get a free trial lasting 30 days. Not only InDesign, you can get Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver as well. Google some tutorials, or follow my advice and use them one’s from Adobe, with Adobe TV. Good luck!

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Illustrations by Anna-Mi

My amazing friend Anna-Mi drew this a few days ago. It is me! Such a nice present!

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One truly intriguing person is Mario Vargas Llosa, who won the Nobel price 2010 in Literature. I read an interview with him in SvD, where he describes this price as more of a problem than a fortune for him. He is old, and at the time he was here in Stockholm, he was sick as well. All journalists were after him, and he was just so tired about it. His honest but at the same time fragile attitude is fantastic. He just wants to write.

Now- it is time for ‘The feast of the goat‘. Actually had other plans this night, as drinks at Kåken, meeting a few other friends later on and go visit Johan who plays records at Nada. Buut – a cold showed up and I am capable of nothing.

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Christmas ’10

All my cousins were away, so this year we had an ‘adult‘ Christmas Eve. Everyone dressed up like always, I had high heels on to get the sense of maturity. You know, only kids skip to bring indoor-shoes to parties. Never a mistake done by grown-ups.

I love being an adult now. Intense discussions, laughs, games and secrets. Everything started with a mother-daughter night the night before Christmas Eve. Below: some shots from last nights. The last picture is taken in my aunt’s lounge room. It looks like taken from some interior magazine. Her passion is her home, which we clearly can see.

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The Oxeshow

My friend Alexander created this image a few months ago, after us visiting Moderna Museet and the exhibition Fifty Years of Painting by Ed Ruscha.

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